My Christmas Wishlist 2016

I have been making Christmas wish lists since I was a young girl. Here are a few of my favorite things on my wish list this year. 


1) Lush Bath Bombs: I really want some bath bombs because I finally have a bath tub where I can take warm baths!! I found this cute set of Lush's website for less than $30 dollars.


2) Fossil Sydney Satchel*: I have seen this bag all over the internet and think it the perfect size! I also am obsessed with this wine color! I tend to buy black bags but this color is gorgeous!

3) Clinique Happy Perfume: This is my favorite perfume of all time and I ran out of it over the summer. It has a very fresh, citrusy scent.


4) Apple iPhone/Apple Watch Stand*: Right now, my iPhone and Apple watch just sit on the kitchen countertop when they are charing. I would like to get a nice stand like this to charge my devices on overnight, so that they do not get scratched.


5) Sneakers: I need some new sneakers for when I workout at home. The current pair I have are starting to fall apart because I have had them for so long. 

These are just a few things on my Christmas wish list this year. What is on yours?

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