Glamulet Christmas Charm Set Giveaway!

Today I am going to be talking about and up and coming jewelry charm brand called Glamulet. Glamulet was formed in 2014 to bring women new, trendy jewelry at an affordable price point. Glamulet creates gorgeous charms and bracelets, using only the best quality to create them. You can even mix and match the charms to make your own unique bracelet.

If you're looking to purchase a cute bracelet with amazing quality charms for a family member this holiday season, Glamulet offers a unique pre-sale program. Here are the guidelines for the pre-order program: The pre-order period lasts for 15 days. Your order ships in 7 days after the pre-order period has ended and you will receive shipping confirmation including tracking information. The first 20 customers receive a 50% discount, the 21st-99th customers receive a 25% discount, and the 100th customer receives 10% discount. Pretty neat, huh?

Enter Glamulet's contest here:


If you are interested in purchasing from Glamulet, you can use the code lisosky15 for 15% off!

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