Beauty Review: Aquation

Hi everyone! Today I am excited to review a new line of skincare products from the brand Aquation. I always love trying new lotions and cleansers, so when I found out I got to work with this brand, I was super excited! The best part is that you can find Aquation products at your local Walmart.


First, let me share some information about the brand and its product claims. Aquation products are made up of three key ingredients: Ceramides, Hyaluronic Acid, and Marine Algae.  Ceramides is naturally occurring and helps give your skin that fresh, youthful look. They also help prevent moisture loss. Hyaluronic Acid help's maintains the skin's water balance. Finally, Marina Algae helps provide moisture and helps prevent moisture loss from the skin's surface.


The products come in silver, plastic tubs, and they all come with a pump. When I first received the products, one of the pumps for the cream didn't work, so I messaged the brand and they sent me a new one, free of charge! 

The cleanser was my favorite of the three products I got to review. It has a very thin consistency and has no fragrance, which I prefer. After applying to my face, it didn't itch or burn. It also left my skin feeling refreshed and very clean when I rinse off with warm water. It hasn't caused any breakouts or imperfections yet, so that is a gold star in my book.

I also enjoyed the cream and lotion. The cream was much thicker in consistency, as  I expected it to be.  It provided a lot of moisture for my skin and din't make me feel sticky or slimy. 

If you are looking for a cheap, drugstore alternative for a cleanser and lotion, you should definetly try these out on your next trip to Walmart! 

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