Tips for Choosing an Apartment


Welcome back to the blog. Today I am going to share with you some tips and questions to ask yourself when choosing an apartment, whether it be your first apartment out of college or moving into a new apartment.

What utilities will you have to pay? 
Do any utilities come included with your rent?
Does the apartment have central air?
Gas? Electric? Cable/Internet? Water? Heat? Garbage? Snow removal?

Does your landlord allow pets?
Do you need to give your landlord a copy of your pet's medical records?
Is there a pet deposit?

Are you allowed to paint or make any improvements?
Late payments policy?
Are you required to have renters insurance?
Any maintenance responsibilities?
What is the length of lease? Is it month to month?
Are there any penalties if you break your lease?

Does your apartment include parking or do you have to park on street?
Is parking included in your rent?
Does your apartment include a garage? Does it cost extra?

Number of bedrooms/bathrooms
Are the walls clean?
Are the electric outlets working?
Are smoke detectors working?
Do all the lights work?
Does the thermostat work? 
Is the apartment clean?
Hard wood floors or carpet? What condition are the floors in?

Some websites to look for apartments:

If you have any other tips or tricks for apartment hunting, please leave them in the comments!