My Birthday Wishlist

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My 25th birthday is February 17th and here are a few things on my birthday wish list:

iMac - My current MacBook Pro is about to hit the pan, so I would love to invest in a brand new desktop computer from Apple. The model I want is the 21.5 inch, 2.7 GHz! It a hefty price of $1299.00 but it would be well worth the splurge because my current laptop has lasted almost 5 years!

Ikea Micke Desk - I currently have the Leksvik desk and don't get me wrong I love it, but it takes up way too much space in my small apartment. My fiance is moving in with me soon and we are going to convert my spare room into in office. We will need to fit two desks, a tv stand, and some shelves, so I want to downsize to a more compact desk, that also has more storage than my current one.

Milk Frother - I really want to be able to make Chai Tea Lattes at home and I forget who I watched on YouTube but I really want to get a milk frother to make the yummy foam!

Alex & Ani bracelets - I want to grow my collection of these trendy bracelets. I want three in particular, the E Initial, the Aquarius bangle, and the February Birthstone bangle.