Summer Bucket List Update

Back in the beginning on June I created a summer bucket list and I wanted to update you guys because it been basically a month since I first created that list.

My Summer 2014 Bucket List
- go to the beach
- read 5 books
- go to an outdoor concert
- get a pedicure
- have a picnic
- roadtrip. somewhere, anywhere.
- see fireworks
- go tubing
- try a new food
- see a movie at a drive-in movie theater 
- see a movie at a movie theater
- go to a zoo
- date night. lots of date nights.
- go to a waterfall

So far, I have completed two of the items on my list, go to an outdoor concert and go to a waterfall. My fiance and I went to SPAC and saw a concert on June 15th and we also went to see the Cohoes Falls. Next, we are going to be taking a weekend trip for my fiance's birthday to a resort in PA, which you saw my post on instagram.

How is your summer bucket list coming along?