Marshalls Haul

Hello loves. This weekend I did quite a bit of shopping for my apartment and I also made two trips to two different Marshalls in my area. If you don't know what Marshalls is, it is a store where you can buy discounted designer clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. I picked up three pairs of sandals and an adorable "little black dress". I also purchased a couch and a table set for my new apartment! I have 27 days until I move in and I am so excited! I still have some major purchase to make, such as a vacuum and air conditioner.

Here are my purchases from Marshalls (all items were under $30 dollars!!)

These are super comfortable and will match my new little black dress!

I like that these have a little heel, to make them more dressy.

These are just a great pair of sandals, they could go with virtually any outfit

This is almost like a body-con style but is modest because of the high neck line and length.
I also LOVE the lace detail down the center and across the chest area!

Did you pick up any new goodies this weekend?

xx Liz