Beauty Blogger HQ March Task: Photo & Video Editing!

This month's task is all about photo and video editing, which is a fairly popular topic in the blogger/vlogging universe.
Beauty Blogger Headquarters

  • What program(s) have you used in the past for editing your photos and/or videos? Can you provide a short review, likes/dislikes? I used to used Windows Movie Maker and Paint to edit my photos and/or videos.  Paint is limited in what it can do for a photo and movie maker doesn't have the best transitions or background music.
  • What program(s) are you currently using for editing your photos and/or videos? Can you provide a short review, likes/dislikes? I currently use iMovie to edit my videos. It is very easy to use and can really amp up your videos if you are a beginner. For photos, if I do anything fancy with them I typically use PicMonkey to edit. It is free and very easy to use.
  • What are your thoughts on image editing websites; free or purchased? I am not all the big into photography, I don't have a super fancy DSLr camera, so I don't feel the need for a powder editing program. Maybe someday, if I invest in a good camera, I might invest in a good editing program.
  • What are your thoughts on editing videos directly on Youtube's website? Plain and simple, it is terrible!
  • Do you use photography or video apps on your smartphone? I currently do not have a smartphone but I will very soon be getting an iPhone!
  • What program(s) would you recommend for beginner bloggers? I recommend iMovie for editing videos and PicMonkey for editing photos.
  • What is your editing process like? Do you edit individual pieces or schedule a day for all your editing? I am very sporadic when it comes to editing. I usually work on my videos and/or blog posts on the weekend, so I usually will spend a few hours on Saturday and Sunday filming and editing.
  • On average, how much time do you think you spend on editing images and videos in a week? I would say around five hours a week, maybe more depending on the amount of content I have for my blog/youtube channel.
  • For fun, show us some before and after examples from when you first started blogging/vlogging and what your current content looks like.



See the difference?

I would love to know what editing programs you use for photos/videos!

xx Liz