New Hair!? Help Me Decide!

Hi guys!

I want to get my hair within the next couple weeks and I can't decide what sort of cut to get so I want YOUR help to decide what you think you would look best!

Things to keep in mind about my hair: I have EXTREMELY thick, coarse, frizzy hair! I would say I have "combination" hair because my hair reacts poorly to most shampoos conditioners and causes it because very oily. Right now, my hair goes below my shoulders and 99% of the time I wear it up it a little bun or pony tail.

These are my tops choices/styles that I want:

Shoulder Length

Messy Bob, Medium Length

Short Bob

So, what do you guys think, keep it long or chop it off?

Side note: I am going to Atlantic City, NJ on March 17 & 18 with my boyfriend for an overnight trip to a casino/resort. We're so excited!


*Images from Pinterest