Friday Favorites 11/16/12

This is going to be a new series of posts where I go over some of my favorite products of the week!

I haven't been wearing a lot of makeup for the post month and a half because I haven't been working but I start a new job on November 20th !! I will be working for a local hospital and I will working for the IT department as an Application Specialist. I will be working full-time, so I won't be able to work on videos and/or blog posts as much.

Anyways, now on to my two favorites of the week!

The first is an eye shadow from my Sleek makeup palette in The Original 594. I received this palette in a makeup swap I did with Louise over the summer.

My favorite is the one circled. It is really pretty burnt orange color and I love wearing it all over the lid (it doesn't have a name or number).

My second favorite is a color from my Kat Von D Saint Palette. The picture looks really messy because these eyeshadows are so shimmery! They are extremely pigmented too!

The color I have been using the most from this palette is the shade Downtown, can you see a trend? These two colors are both similar to MAC's All That Glitters.

What are your beauty favorites of the week?


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