2016 Dream Board

Today I am going to share with you my Dream Board for the remainder of the year and the steps I am going to take to achieve my goals!


1) Lose 30 Pounds. I am planning on doing the following programs over the next three months:

---July 2016: Cize
--August 2016: Country Heat (coming soon)
--September 2016: 21 Day Fix (p.s. it's on sale this month) ??

2) Pay Off Credit Card/Double Savings Account. I am going to put an extra income first towards my credit card and secondly towards my savings account. My goal in August is to pay off HALF of my credit card.

3) SC 5 Every Month. You are probably wondering what the heck Success Club is!? Success Club is in essence the "rewards" club for BeachBody coaches! So, the more you work your business, the more you get rewarded! Simple, right!? You can earn monthly rewards and even trip rewards! By helping three people a month, I can achieve SC5! I am going to achieve this by:

--Doing Vital Behaviors Everyday
--Doing Power Hour
--Filling out my BAT

Does coaching sound like something you'd be interested in? Do you want to work from home? Do you want to be your own boss? Do you want to have financial freedom and be in the best shape of your life? Are you passionate about helping others? If so, fill out this form and we'll chat!

Now that I have shared my dreams for the rest of the year, I want to comment below and tell me what some of your dreams and goals are for 2016!

Hello July

Here we are, July 4th weekend! I sent yesterday hosting a BBQ with friends and family and we all had a great time together eating and drinking away the day! I know I haven't been the best blogger lately but I have been very focused on my part-time business as a health & fitness coach and haven't found the time for blogging. As per previous months, here are some of my goals for the month of July.

Image courtesy of Google

Image courtesy of Google

1) Kick A$$ at my Workout Program! I started a new workout program last week called Turbo Fire. My goal is to complete this program over the next 60 days and share my before and after pictures when I have completed this program. It is very difficult but I know I can do it!

2) Finish a PD Book! Part of my job as a health and fitness coach, requires me to read personal development books. My goal for July is to finish one of those books I have purchased but haven't gotten around to reading. These books help give someone confidence.

3) Grow my Social Media Following! I want to work on growing my Facebook Like page and Instagram accounts this month. I am going to achieve this by posting on my accounts consistently 2-3 times daily. If you aren't already following on Facebook and Instagram, feel free to check them out!

4) More blogging! In the month of July, I want to commit to posting at least once a week on this blog. I have been slacking off but really do enjoy blogging. 

5) Save Money! This is always a goal for me! I want to try very hard for the rest of the year to double the amount of money in my savings account. 

Do you have anything planned for July? I'd love to hear what you're going to be up to and what you're hoping to achieve!

How to Save Money on Etsy | elizabethkathrynx

Welcome back to the blog! Today I am going to share with you some helpful tips on how to save money on Etsy! If you are new to the planner community and decorating your planner, buying stickers can get expensive pretty quickly! I never thought I would become a planner girl but it has really helped me become more organized and I just overall have a fun time decorating my planner! I didn't want to give up on buying cute planner stickers, so here are my tips on how to save money on Etsy!


1) Always use coupon codes! Etsy stickers shops are really great with coupon codes. I find most shops almost always have an active coupon code and it's really easy to find them. Sometimes, the shops will list coupon codes directly in the shop description on Etsy for a certain discount on your order or for free shipping. Many shops also have coupon codes specifically for their social media followers, specifically on Instagram. In addition, some sticker shops also have Facebook groups. I highly recommend joining because shop owners will sometimes announce secret sales or have special coupon codes for the folks in the group. It's also a great way to meet our planner girls and to learn how other people use their planner stickers!

2) Buy in bulk. I recommend that when you are going to buy stickers on Etsy, to buy them in bulk rather than place multiple small orders. This way you will wind up actually saving on your purchase because you won't be paying for shipping and handling costs on multiple orders, you will only be paying once. Plan out your purchases buy using Pinterest or following when the shop puts out new releases and always keep an eye out for shop sales to save even more money!

3) Weekly Kits. Most sticker shops offer weekly kits. What is a weekly kit? A kit typically comes with 3-6 sheets of stickers in a specific theme or genre. Instead of buying each sheet individually, you will receive a set of sheets at one bundled price. The benefit to buying weekly kits is that you typically don't use all the stickers in the kit and you can use them multiple times in your planner. Shops typically will offer weekly and monthly kits in a variety of themes.

4) Only buy what you will use. This is a very hard mantra to follow when you are new to the planner community. There are so many cute stickers on Etsy and I would love to buy them all but I don't have a use for everything. I tend to be more of a functional planner and not so much decorative. I don't typically do "no white space" spreads, I like using checklists and half-boxes. I would watch plan with me" videos on youtube or follow some sticker shops on social media to get an idea of what type of planning style you think you will like before you start buying tons of stickers.

5) Planner buddy. A planner buddy is like a pen-pal. You can find them through Facebook Groups or even ask your friends if they like to decorate their planners. You can setup a spending limit and swap supplies weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly. You can find out what you each like and then do your swaps! I have done them before and they are really fun because you'll get to try stickers and planner supplies that you might not be able to find out your local craft store!

6) Printable Stickers. Some Etsy shops offer printable stickers. What does this mean? The shop will supply the digital media for the stickers and then it will be your responsibility to print and cut the stickers yourself. This can save you time and money when planning. Of course, in order to print and cut your own stickers, you will need a good printer and a cutting machine, such as a Cricut or a Silhouette.

I hope you enjoyed these six ways to saving money when shopping on Etsy! What are you favorite Etsy sticker shops? What is your planning style? I'd love to know!

*This post may contain affiliate links -- meaning I may receive a small commission every time a product is purchased. You are never obligated to buy anything and my opinion of these products or services is not altered just because I am receiving compensation. I respect my readers and would only share that which I enjoy. For more information, read my disclaimer

30 Day Squat Challenge

Happy 1st of May! I am participating in a 30 Day Squat Challenge this month to get my booty into shape for summer! Below are some of the amazing benefits of doing squats!!

Image Courtesy of Google

Image Courtesy of Google

Here is a short video of me doing my Day 1 Challenge of 50 Squats

Have you ever tried a 30 Day Challenge? What were your results?